Dear screeners!

EXODOSEveryone is invited to host a film-screening, at their place or in a suitable space – studio, bar, gallery, cinema, auditorium … whatever. The movie is made available for free, and the event has to have free admission. The only things you need are at least 5 seats and the technology to play the film (TV set or beamer, DVD-player or PC).

Private-public screenings: something totally new and exciting has been created in the cc-www-film-world!
Private-public screenings provide a charming, serious, advanced and most of all sociable alternative to the cinema-viewing of film industry. It works only via internet and only per creative-commons-licensing.

Available now: our brand-new independent-cc-interational-broken-english-german-subtitles-102-minutes-feature-film EXODOS, ready for private-public screenings in may and june 2011.

EXODOS: 7 guys and girls dealing with the omnipresent global ecologic, economic and of course with miscellaneous private dilemmas, incl. a soundtrack of 19 great songs, all of them free-licensed. Funny, serious, sexy.

Have a look at this:
- several decent-ironic genre-trailers
- the form to announce a screening
- a detailed description of how pp-screening is working
- EXODOS at facebook
- EXODOS-soundtrack at ccmixter:
- EXODOS-stills-gallery at flickr:
- text of Sender Freies Neukölln, that describes and idolizes the idea of private-public-screening:

If you still have questions, ask us! – We look forward to your announcements.

Antje Borchardt & Matthias Merkle,
with best wishes from Berlin-Neukölln!

And please:
spread the word! Forward this email to everyone who could be interested in this movie and in this new way of presentation! – Thank you.

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