So, finally, there it is: Our movie EXODOS. Just watch it and have fun, and we would be glad to get feedback of you. Tell us, what you think of this CC-licensed movie, and we are also glad, when you support our job by a donation, size doesn’t matter. Thank you!


length: 102 minutes
language: International Broken English (German subtitles)

Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0

The successful photographer and pantyhose-fetishist Boris Eichenbaum has had enough of everything: the Western-spoiled world makes him sick and induces erectile disfunctions. The omnipresent economy-climate-crisis-news make nothing better, but everything more aweful. Encouraged by a young woman, the activist Jackie, Boris vitalizes his aggressive resistance potential – and has to realize that capitalism is bogarting everything, even refusal. So cut and run, of all things to Greece …

A handful of people around Weiterlesen

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all OVER or FULL?!?!

Problem: all leftover-screenings in june are FULL or OVER … do you remember: it’s so easy to host a screening, so: DO SO!! Don’t miss this soon-historic, pre-revolutionary movie!! Time is running.
Let Melanie again explain how it works:

Gentle Approach to Private-Public Screenings from Retsina Film on Vimeo.

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EXODOS, sent on tour by ‘BccN World 2011′

Great news! The BccN Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival 2011 will be rescreened in more than 13 cities around the world, under them New York, Toronto, Santiago de Chile, Bucarest, Beijin, Coimbra, Madrid (hooray!), and Sevilla!
EXODOS as part of the festival will be touring the world!

See how beautiful this new world is looking:

exodos-pp-screenings auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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Spanish subtitles available!

Thanks to Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival BccN, we are now in the happy position to provide our movie with Spanish subtitles, too. So #spanishexodos host your screening now, whereever you are!

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Movie Review: Exodos … a fully licensed Creative Commons movie.
May 28, 2011 by Troy Copes

Greetings Programs!
It seems as though, dispite how much I enjoy watching movies, I am somewhat picky about the movies I do watch. I will never turn down watching an awesome sci-fi movie, just to let you know, but indie films have always been hit or miss for me.
I have seen quite a few indie flicks. Some good, and some not so much. But I have never seen a movie that has been released under a full Creative Commons license until I heard about Exodos.
Exodos takes place in Northern Europe during winter time. It is about a photographer named Boris, who is known for photographing pantyhose fetish. Because of all the crap going on in the world, he starts to suffer from erectile dysfunction. As the movie continues, we meet other people who live in the same town as Boris who all become affected by his declining mood. Everyone’s story ties into his, and in the end, he realizes what he can do to help improve his part of the problem.
This is a very brief synopsis of Exodos. The movie has so many facets about it, that it seems like a movie that the more you watch it, the more you get out of it, and the more you realize how much it reflects at least some aspect of your life. I am a photographer, so I can relate a lot with Boris, minus the ED issue. But aside from knowing what it is like to get burnt out on a photo project, I also relate to the environmental issues of the movie. Exodos is filled with environmental awareness. Jackie, a key character in the film, helps Boris see a little of what is going on in the world, even in his own city. Jackie also helps others in the film turn some aspect of their lives around to be more echo-friendly, even to the smallest degree.
The production value of Exodos is extremely well done! You can tell that great care was taken with the lighting, cinematography, pre and post production, everything looks very professional! At times, though, the sound levels are a little off, but to me, that only adds to the movie. Their were a few times where it did make it a little hard to understand the international broken English dialog, which I absolutely LOVE, by the way!


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Will EXODOS be a period movie in the near future?

When we made our movie EXODOS, we wanted to describe an atmosphere of the Last Days, in which everyone senses that it will not go on like before for long.
The continous news, the ever-present global difficulties, the helplessness of the characters, that is more likely shown in escapes into sex, endless talks and to Greece.
And now we are very happy to feel, that these Last Days are probably over in real life. In Spain and in many other countries, people stand up against our bancrupt systems, they demand more democracy and a new way of living together. Great stuff, we love it that much and so we decided to travel to Spain, to what happens there, and how we can help to import this revolutionary atmosphere to Germany and rest-europe. Follow us here, and you can watch the next days, what we have to report.

Meanwhile support the new movements, and don’t forget to announce your screenings of Exodos!

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Isn’t that pretty, all those screenings, all over the world?!

exodos-pp-screenings auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Shouldn’t there be many, many more pins?!
Make the world colorful – host a screening!

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Some (quite a lot) thoughts about Private-Public Screenings

The idea of our distribution method is at the same time simple, easy and hazard-free, but on the other hand the attraction of the inspiring opportunities is more sophisticated, because the idea of these screenings is very new and goes very far. So we decided trying to make a little short movie, and to tell you, why we really belive in this awsome idea. It’s about 6 minutes long and it includes al lot of text, but it’s worth hearing and watching.

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UNPICKED blogging about EXODOS

“Freies Kino: EXODOS – ein ‘international-broken-english-cc-movie’
Retsina-Film, eine unabhängige Produktionsfirma, lässt uns in den Genuss kommen, selbst Filmvorführer zu werden. Oder Gast im privaten Kino.
Der Film EXODOS, ein ‘international-broken-english-cc-movie’, ist ein gesellschaftsbeobachtender Spielfilm. ‘Verhandelt wird nichts weniger als Weltpolitik: Öko- und Wirtschaftskrise, kapitalistische Notdurft. – …”
der ganze Beitrag hier

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We are proud to announce that EXODOS is selected to be part of the official section of this year’s BARCELONA CREATIVE COMMONS FILM FESTIVAL!
The festival is taking place from 18th to 22nd of may; EXODOS running 21st of may with Spanish subtitles.
Get to know everything about the festival at www.bccn.cc (in Spanish).

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